ATL Budget: Show Us the Money @ CCI

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An Overview of the Atlanta budget

Intro by Rohit

Hosted by Melanie

Budget timeline:

New mayor this year!

Who makes decisions?

Can take a Civics 101 class! (Idea for philosophy circle?)

Budget input:

Budget has 3 buckets

Some proprietary funds:

General fund revenue:

General fund budget:

5 year plan

Policies, Leadership, and Externalities play out between the 5y plan and the annual plan

Do you recommend any books on public money negotiation or lobbying? Who do you have to make a deal with?

Is the trash can in your house in the city budget?

If you’re in a park?


Two budgeting experts, moderated by Kyle Kessler Cynthia S Searcy (Andrew Young School for Public Policy Chuck Meadows (former mayor Shirley franklin’s chief of budget and fiscal policy


Chuck, What falls into the projected numbers? How do you deal with budget of

Partnership takes place with other municipalities

Is there a big difference between residential and commercial

Surface parking lots not being taxed at the value of their land but at the value of how much they bring in

Cynthia: where do you go to change?

What types of information should we dig deeper on?

Q: commercial properties are out of whack with Fulton county, does that contribute with us being outside the zone

Q: homeowners get upset. If we get commercial in line, could we get help residents age in place?

Q: how much movement is there in the general funds?

Any recent examples?

Q: is there something similar to that NYC budget commission (I’m president of my NPU), if we had some oversight, I think this turnout here shows that people are interest

Q: citizens

Rainy day fund, best practices:

Q: importance for the city’s credit rating

Q: how much influence do poor people have? What are the best practices

Q: what is the process? Do we need a proposal with reasons why? Or is this hearing already set? Is it the next 5 years? What to do from a context standpoint?

Q: I’ve been to a The last 3 budget hearings, a lot of times they’ve already had budget meetings with the staff. They’ve already got it decided, ask for a budget book. They used to give you a book, now you need to ask for it in advance. They’re supposed to have council district meetings in a much more intimate setting. If this is in the charter m, they’re obligated to do it.

Q: surplus?

Q: best practices in terms of transparency, what are things that other cities are doing that we’re not doing? How effective did you think the citizen review budget was?

Q: any proxies for smaller cities the size of Atlanta that have created citizens review board

Q: 10k is to pacify. Starts with your neighborhood associations. Should be where your board is involved with your NPU

Q: auditors board

Q: big ticket items in non-departmental items

Q: state level, federal, HUD funds changing , how do you handle that?

Q: current auditor describes himself as independent. Mayor Bottoms said she would appoint an independent auditor. What does an independent auditor look like?

Q: one action item?