Hugh Acheson @ Made In Atlanta


Feb 15, 2018

Caitie is with me!

Presentations by: Dutch Uncle Alternative Apparel

High Acheson:

Where do you go to create

How has your brand touched somebody deeply

Describe your visual identity:

How would you describe your brand if you were drunk?

If your brand was a person who would it be?

What have you done that’s gone viral?

Bonus slide ( whatever the fuck you want)

He started an education program to help teach middle schoolers how to feed themselves:

3 restaurants 2 coffee shops. He writes books. Raised 2 children, empowered shit kicking girls. “From the shooting yesterday, what I’m seeing kids do and say… they’re gonna fix it “We’ve gotta look at the young generation and build them up

“I want kids to be able to get to 20 and have three words I Got This


How much cooking do you do?

What should new rest coffee shops focus on?

What is right or wrong about food scene in atl?

Favorite atl restaurants

Which of your tattoos has h best story?

Gonna come back to Switchyards what would you accomplish in 6 months:

What advice do you have for someone having you over for dinner?

Tests for chefs?

Best piece of advice you’ve received:

What current food trend is worse than the overuse of mason jars

The rise of blue apron, hello fresh

Ticonderoga club, music is important what should we be listening to?

Slow cooker recipes?

How do you combine soul of cooking and financial business

Next pimento cheese?

The book, The cooking gene?

Ideal relationship between restaurant and community