Sid and Ann Mashburn Made in Atlanta 008

Sid and Ann Mashburn

Michael Tavani introduces us with Alternative Apparel

Switchyards is about a year and a half old

“Atlanta is not historically known for B2C”

“Trying to create a density of people who care about that”

Evan Toporek from Alternative Apparel brought his wife, and 10 other of his family members


What is Sid and Ann Mashburn?

Can you talk about your operations? A: was just meant to be a men’s brand. Third year into it we started the women’s side of the business. Where jeni’s ice cream is now was our first women’s shop. 2011: the website. S: 2013: Houston, 15: Washington, Dallas, 16: LA

How did it start?

How does your brand make people feel

What’s the experience that people will feel when they walk in the store?

Whoa re your brands heroes?

How has your brand touched someone deeply?


What have you done that’s gone viral?

They both wipe their eyes.

Q&A: MT: You weren’t trying to make your own brand. But you put a lot yourselves in there. Ping pong tables, etc. were you thinking about that as brand

Q: what do you wear at publix

What’s your advice for succeeding in the fashio industry

Q: what’s your process for making mood boards?

What was the biggest challenge with introducing e-commerce?

How much do you need to be ahead? How far ahead are you thinking?

What’s the biggest hurdle of working together as a married couple

What’s next for online made to measure?

What’s the legacy you wanna leave behind?

S: The radio show is wednesday 5-6, Saturday 8-9 and Sunday ? A: And on SoundCloud