Kwanza Hall @ CCI

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June 13, 2017

Ed note: Kwanza strikes me as a difficult person to interview

The day CCI opened, Kwanza was one of the first people they had here.


Sounds like a lot of this comes from your father


Where did you grow up?

I’d love to get a sense of what was the relationship like between people and elected officials. Has that changed? Was that intimidating?

There’s a lot of wear and tear

Did that make you want to pursue public office?

Who was guiding you?

Why’d you choose to leave Atlanta

Were your friends and family excited about you leaving? I just watched the get down, and the main character is leaving his friends for Yale.

Boston, did you get the bug for [public policy] there?

Do we have the wrong North Star for college?

That wasn’t your future. You were into genetics. We lose a lot of talent in Georgia. You were talented.

When was the first time you ran for office?

This is happening a lot, where people run for school board and then city council. It’s almost like it’s an incubator. Why don’t people stay?

We have a broken procurement system. If it was I can’t be as revolutionary as I want to be. Have you

What made it about city council that allowed you to do that?

Does city council have a good relationship with APS?

There’s a function in city council that sequesters that information, it’s not public information, can’t say it in public, that’s exactly how people think government functions. All is good, but then there’re executive sessions

If you don’t have full information

Have you ever taken the public opinion and gone to an executive session and changed your mind. Have you compromised to change your position, if you vote that particular way it wouldn’t be poltically beneficial

You just recalled where your father yelled at the mayor

What would the relationship be between Mayor Hall and city council people

These are the right cords. Do you think the city is good at community engagement

But also that my voice matters. You hear me, but you don’t feel me. The closing of the streets are an example. But it didn’t feel like the voice was heard. It would be bett

Protection of people. Sidewalks are great. Immigrants, lgbtq, do we have protections in place?

Questions Matt Weiss: Edgewood Boulevard district

Kirsten S, Atlanta Farmers Alliance. What are your intentions for fostering urban agriculture

Angela Jay, Emory Junior Encironentla studies, strategies for resilience

I wanna give you an opportunity to clarify remarks on climate change. There was a speech you were giving where you suggested we don’t ave the full story

Michelle Shriner, curious about NPU system, should we change, update?

Are NPUs broken?

City council used to support the NPU

[] Georgia Organics: you have a dedication with school system, agriculture,

If you walk into a room, theme song?

They’re launching a website called vote local!