Vincent Fort @ CCI

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June 6, 2017


Personally, what drives you? It’s gonna have a lot of outcomes.

Where did you grow up?

Your parents?

Did they talk about that?

What did your parents do?

Do you have siblings?

The gap?

Earliest memory of them? Did you all grow up there?

What got you into studying that book?

Did you have mentors?

How about the names we don’t know? Professors, people you organized with? You don’t get into activism work on a whim. People are trying to figure out how to get started.

When you came to Atlanta, voter turnout was really strong. And now we’ve seen a complete drop. What was different then vs now

What was the first time you marched?

Why was there so much shock with that? Why was Trayvon

First election?

For irganizingers, what can State level policy do for people

Did anyone encourage you to run

You’re in the State Senate in 1996, do you feel naive?

You’ve been on the ground, but now you’re an elected official. What are you most proud of in terms of your work at the State Senate?

State and national politics pass legislation or allocate dollars. But the implementation is at a city level. We’re there any times of crisis that you had to fight through? How would you handle a crisis?

You mention, you’re the nerd candidate

Current administration… Do black lives matter in Atlanta? If income inequality is the most important issue of our time, how do you change that?

What are you gonna do?

What specifically would you do with capital?

Can you be more specific about affordable housing? What would you do? Subsidy,


We’re told a lot from all different kinds of leadership. I think the reason people resort to the technical conversation is because we haven’t seen the inspirational talk.

How did you become cool with Killer Mike? He’s probably challenged you

You and Mayor Reed probably have the most publicly available dispute. You’re one of the few that’s been called out directly. Does this city need to continue on the trajectory or pivot and shift?

How does the city move on from the current administration?


George McDonald - corruption in Democratic.

Atlanta Farmers Alliance - 38 farms - what policies / thoughts do you have about urban farmers?

Michael Hamilton with Park Pride - projections that were going to double. Does affordable housing extend to people who aren’t here now?

Sophia - Soldiarity. Establishment of more cooperatives in Atlanta

Wesley Clark - Pre-emption issue around wages

You’re very strong on social issues. Where does transportation?

Civic Engagement and participation. Is the public being heard? If the public disagreed, what are your channels of engagement? What when people disagree with you?

What do you do for fun?

Theme song?


Our Future Atlanta City Council President series in August