Keisha Lance Bottoms @ CCI

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May 9th, 2017

Why public service?

Do you have siblings?

Tell me about your mom. What did you learn

Do you remember those experiences at 8?

Did that change your

Who did you grow up admiring?

Graduated from Douglas, did you want to stay in Atlanta?

Who did you look up to as a journalist

Did you run for anything in college?

How did you meet your husband?

What did you see as a flaw in the judge you ran against, the councilperson you ran against

How long have you served in city council?

Did you know the current mayor when you were running

Has he changed since high school?

What did you feel most uncomfortable with, hardest thing to adjust from priavate to public life

Why did you choose to adopt?

How has city council functioned as an entity? What is the reasoning that councilmembers tune out during those hearings?

How does city council use data? Where does a city council member get information? There’s no standardized brief?

Have you ever voted for something that you didn’t think was the right vote but it was right poltickall

To the public that looks weird that there isn’t a split vote. Clearly there’s been a conversation on it, but the people don’t see that.

Conversations with your constituents. Have the constitutents said “this is not good for us” and they’re telling you this but then the vote comes out.

Is there a silent majority on Turner Field?

Did the braves say they wanted to develop that area. One of your peers

Was there a conflict of interest with you being the head of the Fulton County Recreation Authortiy and be a city council person

The legality is sound, but from an optics perspective. Would you appoint a council member as mayor?

Would you appoint a city

Does the city do a good job of community engagement?

People have put their faith in a lot of community groups. NPUs. Some neighborhoods are heard more clearly. Is it a race issue?

We have economic inequality, to the public eye it seems like our priorities are a little off

A lot of people say that your platform with you as mayor would be a continuation of the past 8 years. If there’s been an ends. Do you take it as a comment

Where does your platform differ from the current administration?

Big differentiator is going back to the basics. , got it.

Identifying who is voting and who is not. Data show that African American women are going to be really important in this race. Why are more African American women pursuing office. You’re the only African American woman running for mayor. Why?

Charles: How would you use your platform to help black LGBT people in Atlanta. Help the low social outcomes

Mike Wallbit: day 1, what are your first issues?

Jillian Madden: affordable housing?

Arts and culture, hip hop

Rohit asked about lack of African American women running for office. This is about public schools. Most of this room is not from Fulton County and Atlanta public school students. I’m 38, right up under your age group, what happened, I don’t see a 37 year old, Keisha Lance Bottoms, Kwanza Hall, Jermaine Duprees,

Protection of people. Atlanta is not good to a lot of people. What kind of protections would a Bottoms administration put in place, sanctuary cities, immigrant and refugee communities

Do we need policy protections? Should Atlanta be a sanctuary city

What are you most proud of in your kids?

What’s the theme song on day one?