Cathy Woolard @ CCI

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May 2nd, 2017


Where did you grow up?

Who did you look up to growing up?


Sport of choice?

UGA experience

Peace Corps

Rohit: There’s a sense of voyuerism as well. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do or not. How do you enter communities that you don’t necessarily understand at the forefront?

What were your parents like?

Do you want to live on an island?

Was that your first march?

What did you take away from it?

Today we talk about the gay rights movement and it’s a civil rights issue. We’re people talking about it in that way in Atlanta in 1986

What was next after the march?

Did you change anyone’s mind?

How do you balance the political football vs the knowledge that this is a civil rights issue? Now at least constitutionality is on the side but that hasn’t changed mentalities

What brought you into local politics?

As mayor would you change anything about city council and the mayor

The role of city council president:

On her and Shirley Franklin:

Is Atlanta ready for a white mayor?

What can we do to address racial barriers in this city?

How do you measure it?

What kinds of public policies could the mayor’s office introduce? There seems to be a disparity in zip codes in Atlanta, when sidewalks get fixed, 911 wait times

How will people play a role in decision making

How do you balance an economy that has to grow with people who are left behind?

How does a Woolard administration bridge the difference between what the public wants and

What would be the way that people would communicate with you?

Questions: Laura, what are the strategic partnerships that are important for the mayor?

Adrienne, education being a source of inequality. Can you give specifics about, people say affordable housing good, inequality bad

The budget?

Audrey, displacement of arts and cultural workers,

Do you think you could’ve kept the braves here?

Would community benefits agreements be binding under your administration?

Eric, HIV incriminalization, would you support mandatory training for prosecutors and officers

Loki, pre-arrest diversion. Shift conversation about low-level criminal offenses. Decriminalization of marijuana, etc. public safety

Displacement around the stadium, 4K out of 14k own their own property

You and Mayor Reed have had public dialogue. He’s pointed out where he thinks you would fit in. Mayor Reed has said that he thinks he would win a 3rd term if he were allowed to be in the race.

First day’s theme song?

Birthday party at Georgia Beer Garden may 10