Michael Sterling @ CCI

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April 11, 2017

He comments on Rohit’s usual TMNT mug and then Rohit asks: What cartoons did you watch as a kid?

Why are you running for mayor?

I noticed you posted yesterday for National Sibling Day, there is a Hindu holiday called Rhaksha where brothers give sisters money,… tell me about your siblings

How did you find this adversity as a young person


Argument that GSU graduates more black students than all of the HBCUs combined

Was Kasim then the same?

What were you involved in in school?

Was there a statue of Barack there?

What was it like to be a federal prosecutor?

Rohit: Yeah, you’ve gotta tell people, I didn’t tell my mom, and she called me and said “why is the Secret Service calling me?”

Is the system fair to people, and if not, why?

What brought you back to Atlanta?

How does the city usually react to something like that? How seriously they take it or are they laughing about it

There was a hanging in the park, etc, people who protest. How does the city communicate to the people?

And to be transparent?

Tension between how public voices concerns and how city hall makes decisions. How do we resolve that?

Walk me through a big decision

You can’t call that engagement. Yes there are meetings but they’re on the 29th floor of the Georgia Pacific building, yes there is a twitter account but it has 300 followers. What does engagement look like in a Sterling administration?

Is that engagement?

That’s okay in a campaign. What happens when decisions are made in spite of data about growing income inequality, etc.

As a senior advisor to the mayor, did you ever say that something was a bad idea

AWDA: were these rogue actors in city hall or

A lot of narrative about AWDA is that it’s making a turn around.

But they know that?

Did you raise that up the administration?

How to deal with multi-faceted factor like race and view equity in all of your projects

Charles Stevens, asks about hanging in Piedmont park, which was actually a suicide. How do you plan for input from LGBT community

Jillian Madden, with Midtown _, a question about affordable housing

Lee Moore, entertainment attorney, question about entertainment bills at the state level and at the city level

Question about HIV/AIDS in Atlanta:

City’s relationship with Fulton County. How do you navigate

If you change the person, would you change the outcomes?

Natasha from mayor’s sustainability office, question about climate change

What about selling Underground, Civic Center, Ft McPherson

How would you have done it differently?

Rohit: They’ve said there were 20 public meetings

First day, what’s the theme song that plays?