Cesar Mitchell @ CCI

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April 4

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Rohit: why?

Where in the city did you grow up?

Rohit: the police, what’s your perspective wrt your father?

Did people encourage you to go to Moorehouse?

Did you run for student government president?

First ran for City Council Post 1 at Large

Were you surprised by how you thought city council functions vs actual?

Cause they’re human and don’t act like it in a public setting. Is the Cesar we see the Cesar who legislates?

People who come through CCI don’t feel engagement, political feedback is just a checkbox

Guy who raises heck doesn’t want to look you in the eye, it doesn’t feel like a two way process. Have you seen public opinion shift the outcomes? I think it’s a trust issue

We don’t use data to vilify somebody, data in the public policy space can validate decision making. We haven’t seen that level of sophistication from city council:

Other cities have much more advanced systems, real time data, dynamic. What plays out in Atlanta, there’s conflict between council and mayor, has to do with below the belt lunches, tension, and the county comes in, and the state doesn’t play well. How to make these groups work together?

Economic development authority, role of ethics committee, are there strucural issues in that the mayor oversees the Economic development authority

There’s a feeling of, if cities don’t make data available, low voter turnout, don’t consider problem solving, how can the city claim to be growing economically while having one of the highest economic inequality gaps? There’s another narrative that isn’t as sexy for the headlines.

Let’s make it quick with solving affordability, homelessness. Don’t wanna move quick on sky lines and large buildings. How does the city

Why don’t you flip table when someone wants to build a 50 story building. I don’t think Atlanta is different from the wave in the rest of the country that is resisting incumbents.

What happens when people don’t own the land. Displacement?

Would the city buy property to keep people on it? 10k people around the stadium don’t own their homes. Fear that people would buy in bulk and flip it

Lara Wagner, blight to light, sale of Underground, is that an example of what you would like to do, and if not what’s gone wrong?

Jeffrey Marcheen, teacher, asks about educating black students and how to get tech startups hiring local students

Emma, neighborhood affordable housing, wrt eminent domain bill in the state law, inclusionary zoning, dedicated source of funding for trust fund, how will you advocate for that at the state level

Isis Dukes: school separated from city, but city owns deeds of the schools

Sabrina Mohammed, a google analyst and programmer. What do we do as technology reduces workforce?

We’ve heard the word theater, how would the arts be involved in bridging these communities?

Mayor Reese said if he were running for a third term, he would win. How would you differentiate yourself?

What is the theme song of the first day?