Peter Aman @ CCI

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@ CCI Mar 14, 2017

Maybe 25 people, hosted by Rohit

Why are you doing this?

Bain offered to do free consulting for Franklin’s mayoral administration, agreeing not to seek paid work from CoA during Franklin’s tenure. The group found a 20% budget gap. He offered the city 3 years of free consulting. He met with Shirley Franklin every Monday at 7am.

Economic Development plan of 03 Atlanta Committee for Progress (ACP)

He provided pro bono projects to other organizations through ACP

Reed asked him to take a leave of absence and become COO for a year. He stayed for 2.

Hardest decision:

Are there still concerns that you have about the way Cit Council is spending money today?

Open data plan?

MC: Not a central db of what the city owns, different departments are using different systems

How to prioritize technology?

How we’re you getting that information about what people need in English Avenue?

He went to crime scenes, asked about police response times, investigations, went to neighborhood meetings, went to rec centers “I do believe in canvassing or surveys or quantitative data, but it starts with this

“Part of the livability issue starts with equity

Why were we not putting attention on English Avenue Vine City before? Is it because of the stadium? Why do mayors not do that?

Right role of COO is problem identification. What would you do about it as mayor?

Some suggest that we should run cities like corporations. Procurement favors people with lawyers. It is difficult to get a contract.

How does race play a role in this mayoral race?

Fear, mistrust comes from feeling unprotected. Refugees, sanctuary city? Wellbeing is at risk, 4 mosques have been threatened

When National politics doesn’t agree with local politics, how do you protect against that as a mayor

Austin: what would you do day 1

Affordable housing, eviction

Erica a Claudia, affordable housing funds working together and not against each other re: AHA

Question about Underground from Rohit.

Michelle Arrington, public safety, citizens review board, police working with DA

Question, theme song for your first day?

Partners: Georgia Artists for Progress