Mary Norwood @ CCI

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@ CCI March 7th, 2017

Rahid, MC

Maybe 40 people here?

CCI has been around for 2.5y

Why do you do the work that you do?

She grew up in Augusta She’s eldest of 6, 15y split. “When you look at all of us, you can tell there wasn’t a mailman” SweetBriar college (VA) and Emory

“When I ran for mayor last time”

On city council for 2 terms. Had run for city council countywide 2 times Lost mayoral bid by 714 votes out of 82k

What drew you back to GA?

MC: we can identify problems all day long.

MC: What kind of music did the radio station play?

Advocate for:

First volunteer coordinator for Trees Atlanta

Why public office?

“I knew I could be a lot more effective if I had a vote on city council”

“Density on our corridors”

“In Atlanta, what makes us special is our neighborhoods are right smack against commercial”

Jane Harmon: for 30 years, went to town and said don’t do this rezoning

“Don’t come into our neighborhoods” “Politics gets political” “Make it easy for the person to say yes” She proposed a compromise for the rezoning along 14th, 17th

MC: do you think race has something to do with this?

She pulls out a map of neighborhoods as her “show and tell”

Suggests some people on the north and east sides may have seen “overdevelopment”, whereas south and west have not seen enough development

Central business district in Buckhead “The Lenox superblock is one of the most densely zoned blocks in the us”

MC: we haven’t just left people behind, we’ve forgotten them. A part of the city feels like whoever the next mayor is, I’m going to be forgotten

MC: my question is more around communities not being heard.

Leon Uplin created NPU system. she mentions “drug boys” who could be identified by these neighborhood ambassadors

MC: “we have a broken system of engagement, and you’re saying we need to protect it, but how do we fix it?… I’m not telling you to repeal and replace”

MC: “let me be real with you about how I feel about this… when residents have to fight for water, I’m scared about what we’ve done to communities in this city.

She talks about repeat offenders program “We have got to get them out of that trap” Wants to get young people redirected It will be a major part of making sure that everyone…

MC: if we’re not taking about schools when we talk about criminal justice, then we’re missing the point

MC: how does a city more evenly distribute resources? Evaluate effectiveness of programs. Other ways we could reform community engagement? Would you change power structure of NPU

MC: how would info from neighborhoods come into the city administration

MC: there are systematic issues including the NPU system, that are not getting community voices. ()

MC: Id like to talk about identity protection. Orlando. How do we protect issues that are playing out nationally?

MC: we have ICE raids, 4 Atlanta mosques had bomb threats yesterday (Mary: in this city? Yes) Should Atl be a sanctuary city?

MC: do you think we should be a sanctuary city

Question: your body language says that you disagree about inequality in the city…

Question: Ben foster from the Atlanta Bicycle Commission. Last two years, citizens have voted to tax themselves. How would you ensure that our infrastructure is high quality

Question: Ansley Wipple, what does “on the ground” mean

Question: Jeffrey Wiser, what does a great citizen look like to you?

Question: Michelle Shriner, part of old fourth ward. How would you change the website for the city of Atlanta ?

Question: Emma Tinsley, I want to hear about what you want to do in the future. What would you do for those that don’t have a high quality of life, immigrants and refugees, people who live in gentrifying areas.

Question: Vicky asks about Pine Street mission

Question: mental health services and homeless, how does a mayor look at where we put those services?

Question: Jeff roning (met through TJ, runs campaigns), as a mayor how do you focus on systemic problems where there aren’t successes. Someone else suggests an issue: housing affordability along the Beltline

Question: programs put forward favor people in traditional work environments. By 2020, 40% contingency workforce

MC: When Mary Norwood walks in to a room, what’s the theme song that plays

Met Vicky